Sheik Gumi mocks Nigerians calling for his arrest, reveals why he negotiates with bandits - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE


Thursday, 11 March 2021

Sheik Gumi mocks Nigerians calling for his arrest, reveals why he negotiates with bandits

By Our Correspondent

Sheik Ahmad Gumi, a renowned Islamic scholar, has recently referred to Nigerians who have called for his arrest because he engages in bartering with bandits.

Sheik Gumi insulted them, referring to them as clowns, and said that he wasn’t the only one who talks to bandits, claiming that even the governors of Kaduna and Zamfara do so.

Sheik Gumi said in an interview with the Daily Post that he was not the first to engage in conversation with bandits.

He said in the interview that top government officials such as Governor Matwalle and Governor El-Rufai had done the same.

He said that he was only trying to add value and that the bandits were religious. Only faith, he claims, teaches that blood is holy. He said he was approaching the situation from a theological standpoint.

He said in the interview that he is attempting to gather the bandits and teach them the value of life. He said that he wishes to show them that they are not permitted to murder, rape, or engage in other violent acts.

He also said that he does not visit or negotiate with bandits unless accompanied by government officials. He claims that since they are still in the background, they are not very visible.

He also admitted that he referred to those asking for his arrest as clowns because he believes that such a thing cannot happen because government officials still travel with him.

He went on to say that he has made progress with the bandits, claiming that some of them are repentant.

He explained that he is treating them as a religious leader rather than a security operative with whom they might have issues. He appears to be approaching them spiritually so they can confess their sins.

He disclosed the true reason for his negotiations with the bandits during his interview. Since he is a spiritual leader, security personnel are unable to negotiate with or communicate with robbers. After he meets with them, he still wants them to surrender peacefully.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has spoken out about Sheik Gumi’s involvement in the bandit battle.

Sheik Gumi has vowed to assist the government in combating banditry, according to Babagana Monguno, the President’s National Security Adviser.

He said that while the government is willing to speak with the bandits, they are untrustworthy.

He said that the bandits aren’t searching for something profound or valid; instead, they simply want to carry out pre-planned acts of violence against innocent people.

He said that the president does not want to use mercenaries to battle the bandits because Nigeria has the resources to do so. The security forces, he claims, are simply underutilizing the tools.