I once hawked Ewa Agoyin in Ajegunle – Monica Friday

By Our Correspondent

Actress Monica Friday is one of the talented acts rocking the movie industry at the moment.

The Mass Communication graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State is not just an actress but embodiment of several other works as she doubles as a talented dancer, content provider, writer, event host, and TV commercial model to mention but few.

Known as Kewe in popular TV series, Do Good, Monica won the heart of many with her role interpretation & vibrant spirit as she stands out in her originality, humility, creativity, intelligence, her endowment artistically, and her ability to grasp what is required of her in interpreting whatever roles she gets.

Cornered recently, Monica Friday spoke about the journey so far, the industry, her ideal man and other sundry issues.

Can you tell us your full names and where you are from? 

My name is Monica Friday and I am from Badagry in Lagos. I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University.

I am an Award winning Nollywood Actress, dancer, TV commercial model, content provider, event host, fashion designer and a writer. Wow!

Lagos State, but you sound Warri? How come? 

Yes. I featured in the popular Mnet Series “Do Good” as a Warri girl.

I was born and bred in Ajegunle, one of the most popular hood in Nigeria. Pidgin is the original deal in Ajegunle so it wasn’t difficult to flow as a Warri girl on Do Good.

You are one of my favourite characters on Do Good. Before the series, have you been acting? 

Yes, I have featured in countless movies as an extra, Hoodrush, A new song, Timeless passion, October 1st to mention a few.

However, through movie castings, Production managers, Production assistants and some filmmakers I got other better offers and opportunities like DEAR MOTHER (series), Murder at prime suites (movie), First lady (movie), Wives on strike (movie) 2014, Abducted (short film), Savior (short film) and Unspoken (movie) amongst others 

Have you always planned to be an actress or you stumbled into it?

Do Good was my break! The platform was huge; it was showing in 53 African countries.

I have always loved the Art, though I never planned to be an actress. I was active in Drama and Dance from childhood. I started attending auditions after my SSCE but never had a direction because I was into different things; one of them was “football “lol.

Acting became my first priority when I had a dream about a popular Nollywood Legend. It’s something I hardly share, it is divine.

Till now you don’t want to share? 

It was just a clear vision that I belong here. 

Which popular legend did you dream about then? 

Pete Edochie? 

No. It was actually Liz Benson.

How did the role come, as you were not so visible in the industry then? 

I went for an audition somewhere on the Island.

When I was done with reading, a guy told me about another audition, not too far from where I was. I had to hurry there immediately. I got there, read, and went through different rounds of rigorous castings! I got a call back, and signed the contract after days of fasting, waiting and praying.

It was God. 

What were the early challenges you faced as a green horn? 

I waka tire and the fake filmmakers were more than the real ones. One good thing about me, I was never desperate.

How many of them made sexual advances and offered sex for roles? 

Few people and I flew away like a golden bird. 

Did you ever get to tell her your dream? And have you been on same movie set with her?

You see why I don’t want to tell you (laughs) 

I believe there are those you still look forward to working with; can you mention? 

Joke Silva, Genevieve Nnaji, Stephanie Okereke, Mercy Johnson and a lot of amazing talents.

Have you ever had a crush on any actor? 

Yes, Tyler Perry. 

Do you see yourself getting married to a Nigerian entertainer? 

As the Lord willeth. 

Do you see yourself attaining that height of storming Hollywood?

Yes, I see myself doing great in Hollywood soon. 

What has fame deprived you? 

Nothing really 

Since you grew up in Ajegunle, ever hawked? 

Yeah I did. I hawked beans aka “Ewa Agonyin”, Abodo aka “Donkunu”.

Looking back, any regrets? 

I have no regrets because they were phases that birth today. Well, it could have been better but it wasn’t the worst.

What are those two kinds of life taught you? 

These two things life taught me is to be super productive and wise.

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