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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Non-Yoruba actresses making waves in Yoruba movies

By Our Correspondent

With the growing of the Yoruba movie industry in terms of quality production and acting prowess of its superstars, a lot of people do not know that most of the actresses who have done extremely well in the industry are non-Yoruba who are passionate of what they do.

No doubt the Yoruba film industry is awash with heavenly beauties and sexy goddesses who are exploiting their divine beauties and natural talents to the full in an industry that thrives more on physical attributes than on talent.

From several states that includes Enugu, Edo, and Anambra amongst others, these actresses have proven that they are force to reckon with despite their language difference. In no particular order, SalientTimes x-rays the growing popularity of the non-Yoruba actresses dominating the Yoruba movie industry.


It took time before many of her numerous fans could come to terms that their “idol” is actually not from a Yoruba speaking state.

It became more complicated when she got engaged to a Yoruba actor, Saidi Balogun. And in reality, Faithia Williams is from Delta State. And she speaks her Delta language frequently.

She has featured in various yoruba productions which include; Farayola, Aje metta, Aje metta, Awawu, Teni Teka , Omo Ale, Agbelebu Mi, Basira Badia, Adakeja and Eku Eda among others. Her tremendous performance in previous roles keep the offers coming.


The list of beautiful non Yoruba queens in Yoruba film sector will not be complete without mentioning this exDelta Soap model, Lilian Bach. If there is any actress that has all graces of beauty, this Delta indigene cannot be exempted.

Talk of good physique, calling eyes, down to uncommon forehead, and a good skin, this lady in her thirties remains active.

Her fans cut across the federation, as she has acted in some Yoruba films. Lilian came into the limelight in the 1990s as a model.

She also competed in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant and featured in several television commercials, becoming the Face of Delta.

Her perfect interpretation and presentation of Yoruba confuse many people of her origin, especially with her dexterity in genre.

She has featured in several productions which includes; Eletan, a movie produced in 2011, Eja Osan, and Mi ose kogba which dates back to 2005. “Eja Osan” especially was highly rated and definitely deserved the rating.

However, in an interview with a reporter years back, she explained how she managed to speak Yoruba so fluently.

She said “ I am Deltalite by birth, but I am a real Lagosian, I was born and breed up here in Lagos” so that sums up why she speaks Yoruba fluently.


Oby Edozieh is one figure who has been in the movie industry for many years now. The Nollywood actress may be described as sexy, beautiful and talented.

If there is any award for tall and sexy actresses the award will be won by Oby, who has since married to Alex O, with 2 beautiful kids.

She always feel comfortable with her role in a Yoruba film settling. She has acted in so many Yoruba films that one could be tempted calling her a Yoruba actress.

She could be excused given the fact that she had all her education in Lagos where she got a degree from Lagos StateUniversity


She feel so comfortable in Yoruba settling that it will be difficult to convince some people where this beautiful actress actually emanated from. Her deep knowledge of Yoruba adage has only successfully confused people.

But the truth of the matter is that, Mercy is from Benin in Edo State, and she send the message through her hit movie “Osas”.

She has featured in several Yoruba productions which includes, Afefe ife, Okanjua, Atunida leyi, Igberaga, Ihamo, Ìpèsè, Iró funfun, Mafisere, Oju ife and Ile Oko mii among others. Her amazing representation of the character she represents has earned her numerous awards in the industry.

She won the Best Actress in Yoruba award at the City People Awards held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) in 2014, Best Actress in a supporting Role (Yoruba) in 2010, Best Actress in an Indigenous Movie Nomination (non-English speaking language) in 2012, City People Entertainment Yoruba Movie Personality of the year in 2015 Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year Awarded by Links and Glitz World Awards in 2015.

The entrepreneur still progresses, staying relevant even in the fashion world with her clothing line and store to show for it.


Rose she came to limelight through Paul Wemimo movie titled “ Timobataye wa”. Rose became a producer in 2008 after studying the industry.

She has produced 6 movies titled Alaparutu in 2008, Enu Eje in 2009, Amuni Madajo in 2010, Iya ni Iya Mi in 2011, Gbosee Wo in 2012, and Ataare in 2015.

She is also a piece of Yoruba dictionary in the sense that, it will take a genius to know she is not from any Yoruba speaking state but from Delta state.


Popular Nollywood actress and producer, Regina Chukwu, falls in the list of actresses who speak Yoruba fluently and feature in Yoruba movies.

The actress who is popular for roles in Yoruba movies like “Akun,” “Ewatomi, Idaro,” “Awolu ati Awalu,” and “Ogunso” has practically joined in merging a gap in the featuring of just Yoruba indigenes in movies.

Well sorry to burst your bubble if you originally thought she is Yoruba even with the clarity in the name. She was actually born in the Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State but Regina Chukwu hails from Enugu State.


This is another actress who speaks Yoruba frequently and also acts in Yoruba movie but not from Yoruba speaking state.

She came to limelight in 2002 through the movie of “Oloju Ede” and ever since this Edo state born actress who is known to have one of the beautiful shape in the industry has continue to grow from strength to strength that also make her one of the most sought after actresses in the industry.


Her scintillating performance in a movie titled “Ale Ariwo” shot her into limelight. That was over a decade ago, but she has been building on that for many years.

Lola Alao is one actress who always proud of her state of origin. Lola Alao, is from Ebira in Kogi State, but speaks Yoruba fluently that make her to be marketer delight.


This ever green actress is in the class of Liz Benson, and she has paid her dues as far as Nigeria film is concerned.

She has acted in many Yoruba films that one could hardly believe she is not from any of the O state from the south west of the country. But the fact remains this well build actress is from the east side of the federation.


Toyin Abraham (formerly, Toyin Aimakhu) who eventually set aside her controversial style of life is one of the talented actress in the Nigeria film industry especially in Yoruba genre.

Ever since she broke into the A list of actresses, the stunning actress has been dashing out a good performance.

But of interest is the fact that this actress is not from the tribe where she is well known for her profession, but rather from Edo State. She has however appeared in a pretty long list of Yoruba movies.


As an upcoming actress in 2001 she appeared in a Yoruba film titled “Iru Oka” alongside Ramsey Nouah, and her performance received a lot of recommendation that eventually led to her been one of the best among her pals then.

Though she speaks Yoruba fluently but Grace is from River State, and many people still find it difficult why she find it so easy to speak Yoruba “I was born and breed up in Lagos” she explained some time ago.