Fayose uses, markets herbal concoction for ‘man extra power’

By Our Correspondent

Ayo Fayose, former governor of Ekiti state, has been spotted in a video marketing a herbal concoction.

In the video, Fayose is seen explaining that he has used the drink a number of times and can testify that it works.

“Honestly, Man O Man is fantastic. I’ve taken it a couple of times and had very positive results. I recommend Man O Man for whosoever that has to use it. It’s quite effective. It’s a herbal mixture without headache, pain,” he said.

“And it’s very smooth. The slight bitterness gives you a different effect. You recall that, when we were young, the bitter mixture and pills cure quickly. Man O Man is just the best.

“I recommend it for you within and outside Nigeria. I’ll take more of Man O Man to stand fit and strong.”

In the background, his interlocutor, who appears to be the seller of the herbal drink, noted that the concoction is made to tackle waist pain and pile while enriching whoever ingests it with what he termed “man extra power.”

However, from the seller’s explanation, it can be deduced that the drink functions as a form of herbal aphrodisiac.

At the beginning of the footage, Fayose can be heard identifying himself with mouth-filling Yoruba titles, saying: “My name is  Ayo Peter Fayose, popularly known as Oshokomole Ekun Oke, former governor of Ekiti state.”

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