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Saturday, 1 May 2021

I don’t have issues with people who go for liposuction- Chioma Ifemeludike

By Our Correspondent

Nollywood actress Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has recounted the challenges she has encountered as a celebrity. The script interpreter also took a shot at her colleagues who have fully embraced liposuction as the new beauty regime. Ifemeludike speaks on the prices she had paid for stardom

The Jos – Plateau State born movie star shared the good, bad and ugly side of her sojourn into the entertainment industry.

She said: “I have paid my dues. There were times that challenges of sexual harassment came. I had dated 1 or 2 persons in Nollywood but I didn’t date them because I wanted to act. These are people that I felt emotionally attached to and along the line something happened.

They were also people who approached me for sex for a role, but I couldn’t start sleeping with everyone. There were times I made mistakes in the course of my career but I still made sure I held my dignity at least to some certain level that I can defend.

“Basically people judge you for what they see and not for who you are. For instance, you could borrow a car and attend shows and you gain the Nollywood respect. Some years back I didn’t have a car, I had a voice but then it can’t be amplified.

So, back then they saw me as just a random girl but I knew I would get there because I kept pushing. Challenges in the industry are so much; from sexual harassment to not being treated fairly, being belittled. I went through some psychological harassments.

I know some people are still going through same. It has also been very gainful I’m not going to deny that. Being in the spot light or being identified as someone who is an actor, actress or influential, people tend to see you as someone who has edge over others. I have made wonderful friends and I count as great gains.

However, despite the high rate of marital crisis rocking the entertainment industry, Ifemeludike says she’s not scared of marriage, but ready to be submissive and obedient to her future husband.

“Never, I am not scared. I love the concept of marriage and I think the concept is spiritually, physically, relevant important. Family is the smallest unit of the society, it shouldn’t be undermined or underestimated. I love the idea of having people to nurture, train and care for.

You never know what the nation would need them for and you watch yourself creating humans that are helpful, impacting and innovative. I am not afraid. I had almost ventured into marriage some time ago, when I was quite younger and it didn’t work out.

I have been so scared, I don’t want to fail my God, children or husband and yes I am ready for marriage. Being a celebrity doesn’t stop me from going home to cook, then do other things that I was thought as an Igbo child.

My culture requires I’m respectful to my husband and family and saying sorry when I am wrong.”

As a single lady, Chioma Ifemeludike says she doesn’t have issues when it comes to sexual satisfaction. According to her, “I don’t have lonely cold nights, I am in a very serious relationship. I’m in a relationship where I’m friend with my boyfriend, we are very close for quite a while now.

For some good reasons, he’s been around although he doesn’t stay in the country. So, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold night; it’s been warm nights.”

On her turn on and off in a relationship, Ifemeludike says she hates over-protective, jealous men who also control their partners.

“Not that I can’t be controlled, I can be controlled if the person I’m in a relationship with understands the point where we need balance and freedom.

It shouldn’t be control but guidance. If you have someone you love that is an adult, then discuss with them by advising them not control.”

On liposuction, the political science graduate of Anambra State University says: “Now big boobs and backside is the new beauty regime. The hourglass body is what every girl in Nigeria wants. I think its low self esteem.

I don’t have any issue with it because it’s a personal issue. I respect every person who chooses to do so but personally I feel it starts from low self esteem.

“I have an awkward front teeth dentition and growing up I have always felt low.

“If tomorrow I arrange it, that means I feel less confident in myself. Same applies to bleaching, if you are proud of your skin colour, you would be like Chimamanda, Ini Edo; these are brown skin girls who are standing on their two feet looking at the world with the gold girl attitude.

“But a lot of girls who have beautiful skins go to change it probably because they don’t love the way they are.

“If you have the money, go for it but bear it in mind that you weren’t confident on how God created you.”

Chioma Ifemeludike also revealed the awkward moments she almost dumped acting.

Hear her: “You know when you are doing a job and you see the earnings it’s not matching with your expenditures, it becomes frustrating. How can the work you put energy, time, passion not pay you enough to take care of yourself?

“For the past 3 years I have been asking myself if I had devoted this energy, time, resources in the banking sector, would I not be Manager of a branch by now?

“I see lots of girls buying big cars, I don’t know how they are able to buy them.

I haven’t been able to buy any of such luxurious cars. I have told myself that one day I would ask somebody because the cars I see online are just so intimidating; Range Rover, Benz and the likes. Sometimes I sit and ask if it’s my village people that are behind my slow progress.

I’m a very strong spiritual person. I’m not religious but then I put my head down. I would get there is the reassurance that keeps me going”.