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Monday, 28 June 2021

Brother claims Usifo Ataga was bound, gagged, tortured before his murder

By Our Correspondent

The brother of the murdered Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga, Dr. Isi Ataga has alleged his brother, was bound, gagged, and tortured before he was murdered, Punch reported on Monday.

“Usifo died a horrific death,” Ataga said in a statement.

“He wasn’t stabbed two or even five times; he was stabbed multiple times.

“His hands were bound tightly and the marks were still all over his wrists, accompanied by evidence of torture and assault even as his corpse lay in the morgue.”

Dr Ataga had claimed in an earlier statement that Usifo Ataga was killed by “unknown persons” and that “they viciously ended his life.”

The deceased body was found in an Airbnb apartment in Lekki Lagos where he had spent the night with a 300 Level student of the University of Lagos, Chidinma Ojukwu.

21- year-old Ojukwu told newsmen in Lagos that she stabbed Ataga to death in self defence.

“Monday, June 14, we were together drinking, smoking and I also went to get food. On Tuesday, June 15, he was making advances at me and I resisted, so he became violent and later had his way,” Ojukwu said

“In the afternoon he ordered for smoke, ate and we became high because I also smoked with him even though I was still angry for the first one he did.

“So, I was on my own, watching a movie on the couch. He came at me again and I said no because I wasn’t happy with him.

“I told him that he doesn’t help me but only plays me around, he kept trying to make advances and I was resisting so I had to defend myself.

“At some point, he hit my head on the wall and was choking me. I tried escaping but the door was locked so he pulled me back.

“I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him twice in the neck and threw the knife on the bed.

“He then tried reaching for the knife so I picked it again and stabbed him the third time.” she said.

The 21-year-old said she withdrew N380,000 from Ataga’s account after she had escaped and not N5 million as police claimed.

But Dr Isi Ataga insisted that the murder was not carried out by a single person owing to the manner it was done. He claimed the confessed killer had help.

“And no one in the entire building heard his screams because he was gagged,” Ataga said.

“Let that sink in, he was bound, gagged and tortured!”

“The now-viral video of the room with the deceased lying on the floor shows a room with blood-stained walls and floor, evidence of a ferocious struggle.

“One person could never have carried these out.”