Earphones block destiny, they are devils tools — Oyedepo - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE


Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Earphones block destiny, they are devils tools — Oyedepo

By Our Correspondent

The founder and leader of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has banned people from using earphones in his church,  maintaining they block destiny.


Oyedepo said  earphones were designed by the Devil to hinder their progress.


The cleric stated during a sermon:  “Young generation please listen to me, these things you plug in your ears is to block your way forward. It is designed by the devil to block your destiny.


“No time to hear from God, many have never heard any thing from God. They even plug it in anywhere, on the streets, noise, noise, noise, zero access to divine guidance. Noise in the morning, afternoon and night.


” You plug something in your ears, while you are in church, never. Go somewhere else, never you sit down tight, hear the word of God or stay on the road. Life is about discipline.”