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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Keke Napep rider’s husband seeks divorce

By Our Correspondent

A 37-year-old bricklayer, Atekoja Suleimon, has told the Agege Customary Court to dissolve the marriage between him and his wife, Bilikis.

He sought divorce from his wife due to irreconcilable differences between them. He said Bilikis doesn’t take responsibility for her mistakes.

He said: “All my efforts are for good, but my wife always refuse to admit her mistake and correct it. She is not the type I can spend the rest of my life with, because she is an ingrate. I was not the one that collected the Keke NAPEP from her. I got to know at the police station that my brother, who resides outside the country, gave her the financial support to buy the commercial tricycle. 

“She told me she borrowed money from the bank; that I should stand as her guarantor. She had already taken the decision. Two of my children are with my mother in Ijebu. My mother told me she would not be grateful.”

Earlier in her claim, the wife, Bilikis, said the problem began when she started riding Keke Napep, noting that she always comes home late at night.

She explained that the peak period is when people close from work, which enables her get passengers, so as to meet the daily target to balance up the payment.
In her testimony, she said her husband is lazy and not ready to take care of her and the children.

She said: “I needed to struggle to survive. As a Keke rider, I used to get home late because I usually carried passengers at night during the peak period. I needed N130, 000 to balance the payment in due time. I bought the tricycle through hire purchase. 

He used to beat me whenever I returned home at night. He was always complaining that I got home late. So, I gave the tricycle to someone to operate and deliver to me daily. As directed by the court, I have rented a shop and started business.