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Sunday, 3 October 2021

Alawo stool: Newly appointed Osun monarch, 4 LG officials ,1 other to face prosecution over alleged forgery, perjury of official selection documents

....As Police begins investigation

By Our Correspondent 

The newly appointed Alawo of Awo, Prince Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye, four(4) officials of Egbedore Local Government area of Osun State and one Prince Hamzat Abidoye Gboyelade, the Secretary of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, to face prosecution over an alleged forgery and perjury of official selection documents relating to the filling of the vacant stool of Alawo after the reign and death of Oba Musa Olatunbosun Adebayo from Akinsilo Ruling/ House Compound, Awo.

This is just as men of Criminal Investigation Department(CID) of the Nigeria Police Force(NPF), Zone XI, Osogbo, have begun the investigation  into  the alleged official forgery and perjury scandal of selection documents relating to the appointment of new Alawo by Governor Adegboyega Oyetola.

However,a human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has reported the said forgery and perjury scandal to the Police on behalf of Awo Crown Prince, Abubakar Adeniyi ,calling for thorough and unbiased investigation through a Petition Letter dated September 10th,2021.

The group had earlier raised an alarm over a purported and illegal pronouncement and approval of alleged serial forger, Prince Taiwo Adegboye with fake and forged selection documents as new Alawo of Awo on Monday 13th of September,2021, by Governor Oyetola. 

The Petition Letter was signed by CHRSJ's Assistant General Secretary(AGS), Pastor Michael Agaasi, called for immediate arrest of the then Prince(now Oba?) Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye and Prince Hamzat Abidoye Gboyelade with four(4) officials of the Local Government for being alleged to have perpetrated the forgery and perjury selection documents that mislead the State Government under the leadership of Governor Oyetola, to crown Taiwo Adegboye as king (Monarch) through fraudulent means.

The four Local Government officials indicted in the saga were; the Council Manager, Egbedore Local Government, Awo, Mrs Abiola Felicia Olabimtan, the Head of Administrative Officer, Mrs M.A. Akinade, Senior Administrative Officer 1(SAO 1), Mrs. Aina Adelu and Administrative Officer II, Mr. Adiyeloja.

CHRSJ described their action as illegal, unconstitutional, unlawful, anathema, untraditional, uncultured, abomination and crime against God and humanity, adding that such an action should not be allowed to stand in a sane society.

The said Petition Letter was forwarded to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola,his Deputy, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Director-General, Department of State Security (DSS), Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) in charge of Zone(XI), Osun State Commissioner of Police(CP), State Director, Department of State Security Service(SSS),Chairman, National Judicial Council (NJC) and other concern authorities with international communities and  copies were made available to newsmen at the weekend, explained that it was because of allegations of forgery and perjury of selection documents lead to the purported crowning of Taiwo Adegboye as monarch in the midnight of 13th to 14th of September,2021.

While the Police invited the complainant,Prince Abubakar Adeniyi, to obtain his statement and for adoption of the Petition which supported by 15 paragraph Court Affidavit of Affirmation,the Investigation Police Officer (IPO), maintained that the Police would carry out their investigation on the matter without fear or favour because they are to ensure justice for the parties in the matter.

 Prince Adeniyi alleged that every documents relating to the process of selecting new Alawo of Awo in favour of Prince Taiwo Adegboye were fake,forged and perjury,urging the Police to conduct credible investigation into the burning issue, calling for immediate prosecution of the culprits at the Court of Law after investigation in order to serve as detterent to others that might have the same mind of criminal tendency.

The petition letter reads in part; " Prince Abubakar Adeniyi informed the human rights organization (CHRSJ) that it would not be augur well for an alleged serial forger, Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye to become a King of an ancient town of Awo that has produced Captains of industry, seasoned Public Servants, renowned human rights activist, astatute politicians-presently having an House of Representatives member at the Green Chamber, Abuja and those that have excelled in their various fields of human endeavour.

"Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye and his cohorts began their forgery methodology from the so called purported/kangaroo Minute of Selection Meeting of Abioye Ruling House/ Compound, Awo, dated 24st(th) August, 2020,where some Egbedore Local Government officials claimed to have be an observers without showing any evidence of 'Video Clip' of where the sons and daughters of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, meet to select Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye as their candidate for Alawo stool.

" But investigation revealed that Abioye Ruling House under the Headship of Alhaji (Prince) Abdulkareem Adegboye did not call any meeting anywhere whatsoever on the acclaimed date of 24st(th) August, 2020, in respect of filling the vacant stool of Alawo and not to talk of selecting any Crown Prince out of their two Crown Prince(s) ,Prince Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye that obtained Expression of Interest Form from Egbedore Local Government, Awo.

"It has been cleared that Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye and his co- travelers cooked the so-called Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo,Minute of purported/kangaroo Selection Meeting of 24st(th) August, 2020,with the show evidence of different thumbprinting impressions and signatures of the Head of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo and Secretary, Alhaji (Prince) Abdulkareem Adegboye and Alhaji(Prince) Abidoye Hamzat  Gboyelade or Prince (Hamzat) Abidoye or Hamsat Abidoye respectively, in Taiwo's Expression of Interest Form with( N0:000000114)."

The letter further stated that, " Also,Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye went ahead again to forge the thumb-printing impression and signature of Head of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Alhaji (Prince) Abdulkareem Adegboye and that of the Secretary, Prince(Alhaji) Hamzat Abidoye or Alhaji(Prince) Abidoye Hamzat Gboyelade or Hamsat Abidoye respectively, in the purported Minute of Selection Meeting of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo and used it as exhibit (B03) in a case with suit N0:(HED/26/2020), before the High Court of Justice sitting in Ede. 

" It was discovered that Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye's Notice of Appeal as it contained in his Bond to Prosecute Appeal N0: CA/AK/58m/2021 on suit N0:HOS/84/2021and Taiwo's Expression of Interest Form with N0: 000000114-page exhibit (5b) were of the same signature of Hamsat Abidoye as Surety and that of Alhaji (Prince) Abidoye Hamzat Gboyelade with different thumb-printing impressions of Head of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo,Alhaji (Prince) Abdulkareem Adegboye.

"Even, in their purported/kangaroo Minute of Selection Meeting, the Local Government officials who claimed to be an observers,could not identify the year of Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy  Declaration to be used for Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye's purported/kangaroo selection as candidate of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo,for Alawo's stool.

 According to their purported Minute of Selection Meeting of 24st(th) August, 2020, the four (4) Local Government Officials (observers) were acted on obsolete (1957) Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration, while the subsisting (1978) Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration was in used since (1978) till date".

It contended that it has been cleared that Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye was product of fake, forgery and perjury to ascend the throne  of Alawo of Awo on Monday 13th of September,2021 and by extension, committing the criminal offence which is punishable under the criminal law of the land, because only President, Vice President, Governor and Deputy Governor exempted from criminal prosecution and not investigation under the section 308 immunity clause of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

Relating Taiwo Adegboye's fake,forgery and perjury selection documents to the Alawo throne to the then Deputy Governor elect of Bayelsa State under the All Progressives Congress(APC), Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Erienmienyo in November 16, 2019 Governorship election, which the Supreme Court of Nigeria sacked him and his Governor Elect, Mr. David Lyon, barely 24 hours to their inauguration as Governor and Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State over forgery of certificates with different names.

The group then advised the newly acclaimed installed Alawo of Awo, (Oba?)Taiwo Abdulrasaq Adegboye, to resign honourably from the illegal throne of Alawo he occupied presently before he would be disgraced out of the place.