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Friday, 12 November 2021

I’m here to storm the Nigeria music industry in a big way –Mide SF

By Our Correspondent

Singer Agunbiade Joseph Temidayo, professionally known as Mide SF is out to carve a niche for himself in the Nigeria music industry.

The artiste who has been on steady rise to fame is not leaving anything behind to pursue his passion for music. But unlike most fast rising musicians who emulate their predecessors, he has chosen to chart his own path to success.

The singer, who just released his first official EP titled ‘Soft EP’, with songs like ‘Rollercoaster’, ‘Joro’, ‘Feel Alright’, ‘Overdose’ boasted that he his more talented, organized than Grammy Award winner artiste, Burna Boy, and also speak of his plan to conquer the Nigeria music scene.

He said: “Soft EP is my first official EP. The idea behind the title is the uniqueness and untouchable nature of my brand; the nature of my talent is unparalleled.

“Burna Boy ranks among Nigeria’s greatest artiste of this generation. I have watch him and I can tell you he’s talented, has a very strong stage presence.

He has showed to this generation that we can through hardwork believe in ourselves and achieve the ultimate goal.

However, I am not boasting or trying to woo you, I believe in myself and I can tell you that I am better than Burna Boy, just watch out.

Speaking on how his growing up in Nigeria has helped him become a better personality and inspired him to fall in love with afro-beat, the Ondo State-born artiste said: “I would say my growing up has greatly influenced me. Growing up in Nigeria, mainstream radio stations were playing either Afrobeat or R&B.  There was no other thing, except reggae.

The clubs was completely taken over by Afrobeat and R&B from Psquare to D’Banj etc… I will say that it has really been a lot easier for me to be versatile with style and my writing. I know that if I didn’t have such exposure from a young age, it would have been very difficult for me to write song in Afro-beat.

As a Germany-based artiste, one will wonder how does Mide SF intend to penetrate the Nigeria music industry, but the soft spoken artiste says he is not in a hurry but rather, he just want to contribute his quota to the music industry.

“I have never been in a hurry to get things done. I just want to contribute my quota, I believe if you are doing something right, naturally people will recognize you, you don’t have to force anything.

I want to produce evergreen songs, songs that touch the heart, that connect with today’s reality, songs that heal the world and give hope to the hopeless. The success will come by God grace.”

But what is Mide SF’s impression about the buzzing Nigeria music industry; “I love Nigerian music as it is. What I want to do is take African music to the rest of the world.

Right now, Afro music is one of the best trending and most welcomed genre all over the world with foreign artistes infusing Afro sounds in their music.

“The Nigeria music industry is one to be reckon with in the world right now, we just need to explore the industry more to the world because they need to know Nigeria music industry has so much talents and has so much to offer.

In the 19s we could hardly see where they play Nigerian songs, but the reverse is what we have today, every nook and cronies, you see people dancing to our music,” he said