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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Oduduwa Republic Agitation: The Life Of My Nephew Is In Danger --76 year Old Farmer Cries Out

By Our Correspondent

Worried by constant visits to the residence of his Nephew's house by strange people,suspected to be assailants,a 76 year old farmer,Medahunsi Felix  has called for assistance from well meaning Nigerians.

The  farmer posited that his nephew, Adewola Ezekiel now lives in fear as the suspected assassins continue to send threat messages to him, for allegedly  involving in the  agitation for Oduduwa republic in the country.

Mr Medahunsi, said this in Akure explaining that Ezekiel ,his nephew has had no peace of the mind since he partook in a rally to drive home the demands of the agitators

Just on the 12th of June this year,Yoruba youths organized rallies in their regions for their agitation, which coincided with the June 12, 1993 annulment of the President election.

Chief Medahunsi said that stern looking  men believed to be security operatives have continued to chase his nephew about  for the role he played when the agitation rally held at Irele local government council of Ondo State.

"They were, hours into the demonstration, carrying placards of various inscriptions calling for the seccession of the South,when security operatives swooped on them" Medahunsi added.

He noted some of the protesters were  wounded, by the gun men ,but his Nephew and some of the agitators, managed to escape from the scene,and have since,gone into hiding,for safety of their lives.

"Ezekiel was one the coordinators,that organised the demonstrations and since then ,he had become the target of these unknown men who vowed to stop at nothing,in their search for him" the farmer added

Chief Medahunsi explained that uptil, his nephew's house at Ode Irele has been playing host to weapons wielding  strange men,who once  visited the house, vandalising valuables, which exact worth could still not be ascertained.

"Ezeliel has since been moving from one place to another, as reports continue to reach us that some people are seriously on his trail. I don't want him assassinated or humiliated like their leader, Sunday Igboho, whose faith is still hanging in the balance" he told newsmen.